-Berklee College of Music Graduate

-Creates Lessons based off students individual Goals

-Versatile in many genres (check out the Music section to see all the different styles of bands he’s played in. Everything from jazz to punk to country)

-Accepting students in Nashville area as well as internationally through skype.

I’ve taught hundreds of students over a period of 10 years now and would love to teach you. Not only have I taught but I have been taught at some of the worlds finest and most well know music colleges. Straight out of high school I attended Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA to receive a Journeymans Certificate. Then from there I moved to Boston MA, to attend Berklee College of Music and receive my Bachelors degree in guitar performance. Both schools had unique tried and true methods of study, both of which I bring to my students.

I base lessons off of individuals. Each person has there own individual goals/personality and I see it as my job to get them where they want to be as quickly as possible. In the process if I can inspire them to raise their goals and ambitions, all the better. I’ll get them there too. Theory, technique, and sight reading we will dabble in, all while learning the songs which that individual student loves.

In addition to private lessons I am building an “online video resource” where students will be able to watch from home on their computers reference videos for material gone over in the lesson. Check below to watch some of these videos.

If interested in doing skype lessons contact me here by leaving a comment at the bottom of the page in the comment section.  Rates are $20 a half hour.  
Online Video Resource.
Here are a few examples of available Video Resources.  Once a student you will have access to more.  They are great at helping you remember exactly what was gone over in that weeks lesson as well as giving you a 24/7 reference for crucial lessons you may need reminders on.  

Learn Your Notes (6th and 5th strings non-flat non-sharp notes reviewed)

Learn a tune.  Russian Circles Micah (intermediate level playing probably required before attacking this one)

Learn a tune. Russian Circles Harper Lewis (intermediate level on this one too)

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  1. Hey there, so I saw your tutorial for Micah by Russian Circles and your performance of it and wow the song was good to begin with then you went and made it acoustic! I am just starting to get the hang of the guitar but your video is a bit fast a vague it could just be cause I’m not that good lol. But I was wondering if you had tabs for it, a more in depth video, and just basic guitar lessons available? Either way thanks for what you do!

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