Levi Riggs radio tour 2012 (West Virginia)

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Out on the road again with Levi and Lauren Riggs to promote the Levi Riggs single “My Best Friends a Girl”.  It’s cool and exciting to go to all these different stations and meet all these different personalities.  Plus being on the radio is pretty rad.  Listen for our live acoustic trio over the airwaves of West Virginia this week and listen for our single My Best  Friends a Girl nationwide. Check out Levi Riggs by clicking Levi RiggsWhat what!!

On the radio with Levi Riggs

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A very cool experience happened last week.  I got to be on the radio!  It started with a call from Levi Riggs who’s starting the push for the bands nationwide release of our song “my best friend’s a girl”.  We’re working with a promotion company that wanted us to do a 4 day radio promotion.  So we went all throughout North Carolina and Virginia hitting up various radio stations for interviews and live acoustic performances.  The coolest thing was driving away from one of the stations to hear the lady live on the air thank us for being there and then playing a few songs off of the albums.  Hearing a band that you’re a part of being played over the radio=mind blowing. Here’re a few vids of our performances. Watch for more in January 2012 when we hit the road again to play stations throughout West Virginia!


LEVI RIGGS two new records

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Levi Riggs has been working hard and has released two new EPs.  One is called “there’s still a place for that” and the other is “Hillbilly Superstar”. They were recorded in Nashville with legit producers and A class level Nashville players.  Since their release it’s been my job to copycat those class A dudes and make sure Levi sounds just as good live as his records do and that’s what’s happening. Lots of shows are coming up in 2012 so check out www.leviriggs.com now for show dates or check under my “gigs” section and come check us out!




I’m now an endorsed player of Rhinehart custom guitars!!

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I am now endorsed by Rhinehart guitars.  Based out of Greenwood IN, Darin Rhinehart, George Barnes and a few of their friends are building some super high quality custom guitars. I’m very stoked to be a part of the Rhinehart team and highly recommend their rad “new vintage guitars”.  Fine craftsmanship and close attention to the woods used in their guitars make Rhinehart an up and coming custom high end guitar company that people should definitely be aware of.  Expect videos soon of me jammin on my new Rhinehart RBG series guitar. Until then check out this beauty.

Another “how to play Russian Circles” vid. This time Harper Lewis!

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My first instructional vid

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Here’s an instruction video for russian circles song micah (probably an intermediate level song….. so if you’re gonna try it hopefully you know more then the G chord). Hopefully some people that wanted to learn this song can now learn it. Word.

Misty with Joe Pass Chord Solo

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Russian Circles “Harper Lewis” and “Micah” done acoustically

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Probably one of my favorite rock/post punk/whatever genre it is…. bands is Russian Circles. I learned a few of their tunes for fun and would then force students to learn them. In the process of teaching the songs I found that alot of them sounded rad as acoustic tunes. So here’s Harper Lewis and Micah acoustically.

Harper Lewis (acoustic)


Johnny Smith Arrangements of Round Midnight and Autumn Nocturne

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Round Midnight

Autumn Nocturne

A couple chord melody heads for you.

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I’ve always really admired pieces which are played or arranged as something that can hold it’s own as a solo piece. Here’s a few standard tunes played with the intention of holding its own on one instrument.

Body And Soul

I Concentrate On You

Gone With The Wind

Stella By Starlight

Softly As In A Morning Sunrise