These are groups that I was (or am) a full time member with. For a list of other groups and artists which I have worked and played with, as a freelance and fill in, check under the “My Story” section. Click the band names below for links to their websites or click song titles to hear their tune-age now.

LEVI RIGGS (2008-current)

My first dive into country music. Being a style I had never really listened to it took me awhile to find confidence in it. It had a big part in developing my major scale based phrases and continues to show me a lot of interesting things on the business side of music. Levi Riggs got up to 19 on independent radio charts with his first single F-150 and is now taking on Billboard indicator charts with his 3rd single My Bestfriend’s a Girl. Hear it on his website or iTunes now.

Tailgate Time


Common Man





OF LIONS AND MEN (2011-current)       

Rocking again with one of my original guitar teachers Jake Hahn (of Jacob Myrian) and one of my original skateboard buddies Nathan Monk Of Lions and Men is turning into a very cool project.  It’s a very “teamwork” sort of project where each of us are throwing in hard elements of our own styles.  I’m really stoked to be working with these two dudes and am even attempting to mix this record together with Jake.  I think it’s gonna be raaaaaaaaaad! Keep checking back for details.






BYGONES YOU HAD BETTER BE BYGONES (2008-2009)                                                                                                                                               


This was a hardcore band I started with drummer Chris Sorter and vocalist Brad Stevens. It’s definitely an “acquired taste” style of music. Most people aren’t fond of it but it’s somewhat my ode to punk and hardcore. The genres that are responsible for really throwing me into music. This is the sound I had originally set out to make as a teen and it was nice to see it happen.




Selling lies through meddled trials


West where beauty spreads like cancer







Quartet with fellow guitarist Jake Corn. The two of us, Paul Poole on bass, and Danne Sheets on drums came together to dive into jazz standards. We all learned a lot about jazz and our weaknesses within it. Unfortunately this project, due to different schedules and such, never came to work out. Me and Jake Corn are still scheming and working to get a jazz thing happening soon. To be continued…. Check out Jake Corns youtube channel here.

Geoffery Bannon Quintet Demo







JACOB MYRIAN (2007-2008)

Indianapolis based project I played rhythm guitar for. Jake was actually my original guitar teacher while I was in high school and was a big figure in throwing me into music. I had heard his concept riffs and ideas for this project long before it became a reality. I got to watch a lot of the mixing and mastering process and learned tons about pro tools and recording in the process. I still remember the day I got the call that the record was done and that it was time to put the band together. We played throughout Indianapolis and managed to climb up to the final round of a battle of the bands contest. A nice feat for an unheard of instrumental rock band. Good times.

Some Kind Of Freak

Black Blood

The Lurking






Here are some rough recordings of the Boston soul/funk project that fellow music theory student Sophie Stern (of Sophie and the Bom Boms)pulled me into. This was the first group that I played with which I really didn’t write the songs for. Up to this point I had always been the artist that would write the parts and then try to get the other musicians to fill in their appropriate parts. This time I was one of the “other musicians” trying to fit guitar parts into these already worked out tunes. It taught me more then I’ll probably ever know. It was a knew angle of creativity and it was happening for a style of music I’d never really messed with before. I got to work with amazing bassist and good friend Alfredo Guerrieri. For the first time my pocket was really tested.  It was sloppy at first but very helpful in understanding the necessity of good time.


Shady Baby

Man enough