Tom Anderson Hollow T Classic. I can’t get around it.  I love this guitar.  I’ve always been stoked on Tom Andersons and when I played a guitar similar to this one through a Dr Z. Route 66 at make n music in Chicago a few years ago.  It was destined that someday I would have to get this guitar and that amp.  Finally I do, and I really do wonder if I’ll ever find a pair that I like more.

Eastman PG2.  This is my fave. The guitar I shed the most with these days and hope to use to truly shred the standards.  I loved this guitar from the moment I saw it cause it’s bit weird and different looking for a functional reason (the odd shaped body makes it more comfortable while maintaining a 17″ sound). I guess I can relate to it somewhat. Plus it sounds and plays amazingly.

Emperor Cabs.  Look amazing.  Sound even better.  What more can I say. If there are better cabs out there I don’t even know if I’d want to know cause these are just too rad.

Dr. Z. Route 66.  This amp has been special to me from the first day I played one.  It’s hard to explain why this amp is so special.  The term I see in the reviews and such a lot is that it is “as thick as a milkshake” and that seems to be it.  When you play through these every touch just somehow gets big and juicy but not in a muddy sort of way but in a delicious perfect vanilla milkshake sort of way.  These things know how to respond to what you give them plus if you like to run pedals.  I kinda doubt anything is better for handling pedals. It’s truly special.

Bad Cat Blackcat 30R.  I love this amp for a lot of reasons.  I read an article with Kurt Ballou (Converge) in which he said that the best nasty full on aggressive sound he’s ever found is the Blackcat cranked up and I totally agree with him.  I actually first decided I needed to buy this amp after seeing Converge in Boston.  At a sketchy venue near MIT I got to stand right next to Kurts rig.  He was running the Blackcat and a Lynx and maaaaaaaaaaaan it sounded amazing! Not knowing much about tone at the time I bought the first of the two amps I found used which was luckily this Blackcat. The amp forced me to really start my trek through experimenting with tones, seeking out what different amps can do, and how important tones are.  Up to that point I just ran hot high gain distortion and never even realized the spectrum from clean to overdrive to distortion to fuzz or even the different tones within those spectrums (british, american, etc….).  So yeah this is the amp that got me obsessed with tone, amps, and pedals and has ultimately led into a very expensive never ending but awesome quest for the perfect tone.  This amp is phenomenal for straight up brutal nasty loud overdrive “growl” and is great for lighter british sounding overdrives and beautiful cleans. It’s a very versatile amp for sure.

Wampler Pedals have given me faith in pedals again.  I hit a point where I was “so over” pedals.  To me the only good tone was in the amps themselves and pedals were just bad replications of amps.  Then my buddy came over with his wamplers and yeah now I have a ridiculous pedal board made up of many wamplers.  They give me the versatility to jump genres and really explore different angles of all tones.

4 Comments on “Gear

  1. hello joey,
    i just stumbled over your site via you tube and im impressed of your playing!
    im glad that you play an eastman /pagelli and i hope to hear more of your great music in the future.
    now you just have to show that you also enjoy your playing…with a smile on your videos! 😉
    have a great time!

  2. Claudio Pagell!! Thanks so much. I’m truly honored to have had you check out my page. Your guitars are AMAZING!!

  3. The internet is a small world. I stumbled across you (Joey) looking for audio examples of the Eastman Pagelli. And we all meet in the comment section! Great playing, great sounding guitar. I’m snagging a PG-1 for xmas this year I think.

  4. Thanks for checking my page and leaving a comment Loyd. The PGs are amazing. Treat yourself for x-mas. You will love it.

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