Download or listen to Bygones album for FREE!!

Bygones You Had Better Be Bygones was a band me, drummer Chris Sorter, and vocalist Bradley Stevens started in 2008.  We then spent the next year writing what turned out to be pretty wild “grind-core-ish” album.  We recorded in 2009 with Joel Lauver at Burning Bridge Records in Nashville, TN. It’s rooted in hardcore, screamo, and more artsy post punk stuff which I grew up listening to.  While writing it I was kind of going through a musical struggle as to whether I wanted to really dive into jazz music or stick with my roots of more underground music such as punk and hardcore.  All that said we ended up with a record which is now downloadable for free and below is the link to it.  It’s very organized chaos.  It’s geared toward hardcore/metal listeners.  If that’s not a style you appreciate this record will probably not be for you.


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