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Here’s some vids showing cool experiences had via the Levi Riggs Band!

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RJM Music Technology posted my guitar set up as rig of the day!!

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I’ve been using RJMs effect gizzmo lately too switch between pedals.  It’s been real cool in that it gets rid of the pedal tap dance that I was often finding myself in as well as it puts everything in an easy to set up configuration.  I can be ready to go by just plugging 2 cables in now which is sweet.  Anyways, RJM posted my rig as their “rig of the day” which I thought was cool. It was all over their media outlets (facebook, twitter, etc…)  Check it out!!

In the studio with Levi Riggs

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Had a really cool experience going to Oceanway studio to see the tracking for Levis upcoming album.  Radness……

I’m in a MUSIC VIDEO!! Levi Riggs “There’s Still A Place For That”

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Check me out in this music video rocking out with Levi Riggs.

A couple more Live with Levi vids

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Two cool new LIVE footage vids of me playing with Levi Riggs

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Two cool vids from a show we did a month or two ago.  The first video is the single that’s been pushed since january.  Then the second video is a song Levi wrote with a Diamond Rio member Dan Truman in Nashville. It’s a song that will likely be found on the 2013 LevI Riggs album so stay tuned and be stoked for that.  Until then check out these two vids.


Opened for The Band Perry with Levi Riggs

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Definitely a very cool show to play.  March 4th, at Elliott Hall in West Lafayette, I got to open for The Band Perry with Levi Riggs to a crowd of almost 4,000 people.  

The friday before the show we got to do a radio interview with K105.  Check out the live interview and acoustic performance from that.


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Feb 19 Of Lions and Men will begin recording.  This is a project I’m very stoked on which pulls from all the genres that got me into music in the first place. Rocking with old time friends and amazing artists Jake Hahn and Nathan Monk as well as new friend and rad artist Christopher Dance.  This is gonna be sweet.  Word.  Here’s a quick and heavier clip from one of the recent rehearsals.



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With Levi Riggs I got to play a couple sweet shows for the NFL Experience in Indianapolis. It was crazy surreal.  The first two gigs were for the NFL Experience and were very cool.  Then on Super Bowl Sunday we got to play at the VIP Tailgate Party.  It was nuts!  NFL goes all out on their pre game party.  Though we didn’t get the super star stage (The Fray and Lenny Kravitz got that one…and I got to see them….good stuff, I’d not heard The Fray and dug it) we still got a pretty rad stage where 1000s and 100s of people walked by to get into the stadium.  Was nice. Here’s a couple vid takes from the NFL Experience.  Next up opening for Grammy nominated The Band Perry March 4th in Lafayette!  Stoked.